Little Dark Isle is a concept that has been stirring around in my head for a while. The campaign will revolve around an island around the size of Ireland called Esuru. The island was ripped off of the mainland thousands of years ago by a massive earthquake, and has been unaltered since. The island was inhabited by only two races during this time, Kobolds and Halflings, who fought long violent tribal level wars over the milenium. The island’s natural order was upset by its discovery by humans, who conquered and colonized the island. The Kobolds have fled into the fragmented remains of the Underdark, while the Halflings have been forced into serfdom by the human colonists.

The campaign revolves around the players interactions with the political undercurrents of the island, including revolts by the Kobolds, uprisings by the Halflings, and attempted invasions from other seafaring races. The campaign will probably run up to level 5 on the island, and then either end or move onto larger stomping grounds.

From the perspective of gameplay the campaign will be fairly combat heavy, with at least half of the first session devoted to various battles. The players will level the first three levels fairly rapidly, in about 6 sessions, with later levels taking longer.

Kobolds: One of greatest philosophers of our own history once said that war would be impossible if humans were logical, because each soldier would realize that they could not possible have an actual effect on the outcome of the war but that they can still die as individuals. This would lead to the entire army of both nations simply fleeing the field of battle. So it is with Kobolds. After the fall of Esuru to the human colonists, the Kobolds abandoned all attempts at melee combat, and coercing one to fight a human close up is impossible. Instead all Kobolds act as archers or slingers, and light crossbows are highly prized for this role. This leads to the difficulty of how to pin enemy fighters in place so as to best rake them with arrows and stones. The solution to this problem occured to a Kobold Priestess named Tahky, who delved into the art of necromancy in order to raise fearless troops to fight the humans. These troops are truly endless, as the priestess broke into the unending catacombs of milennia of Kobolds, and though brittle and weak the skeletons she raised act as an undead wall between enemies and the living Kobolds with their bows. The Knights of the Pelican who guard Esuru will be put to the test by this perfect mixture of living and dead.